Sewing for kids: Bits and pieces

Hot today in the Toke.   I have been meaning to post the above for a while, but have been a bit useless of late.  I know - not the world's most earth-shattering pic, but just another little else seven recycle.  I got some pre-loved baby clothes, but they were not my thing, so I cut them up and serged them to be used as all purpose wipes and burp cloths.  I also did some smaller ones for bum wipes.  I know I'll need a lot more, so I have some old t-shirts etc that are headed the same way.  Next - nappy liners.  I'm digging my new blog crush - Mairuru who is making some gorgeous things for her small friend.  Got to get moving.

Just got back from the post office where I sent off some more of my stuff - the big clean out goes on.

Finally - as well as my H&M ban, I am now boycotting ampm convenience stores as they are owned by BP, and I don't like what they did in the ocean.  I don't have a car, so I don't have to worry about the petrol stations.  Other BP brands are; BP, Aral, Arco, Castrol and Wild Bean Cafe.  Yeah - I know - my 150yen spent a couple of times a month is really going to bring them down, but hey.


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