Veggie recipes - Scrambled tofu

I have been given a lot of scrambled tofu on aeroplanes in the past, and it sucked so badly.  I never would have thought it could be super delicious.
You will need;
150g pack of tofu per person (silken or firm - both seem to work)
1 egg per two people (beaten)
1/2 cup of veggie stock
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1/2 tbsp of sake
a pinch of sugar
chopped green onions
assorted chopped veggies e.g carrots, mushies, asaparagus, beans - it's really up to you.  About three different types and perhaps in three different colours to give the dish some "visual interest".  Haha.

How to make:

First - drain the tofu - this can be done by microwaving it on 600w for a minute and a half or so
Next - add a little oil to a frying pan and add the tofu and the veggies that take longer to cook e.g carrots
Stir so the tofu breaks up and simmer until the veggies soften a little
Then add the stock, the soy sauce, the sake, the other veggies and the sugar
Simmer until most of the liquid has gone.
Then add the egg and green onions and stir until the egg is cooked and it looks like scrambled eggs.  Not too long otherwise it might start to go a bit rubbery.
Serve with rice.


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