Random Fiveness

Here is my list of five random favourite things at the moment;
1) Sakura.  It's spring in Japan, and the sakura are hanging on that little bit longer.  They are so beautiful that sometimes I almost stop breathing.
2) My homemade bread - first attempt.  Oh the proud feeling when my bread dough rose.  Oh how lovely it looked wrapped up in a pink teatowel sitting out in the sunshine. And oh how good it tastes with Vegemite.

3) My chair which my mum bought from a junk shop when she was first married, which we sat in as kids, and then which was my grandmother's favourite chair.  Now it has finally arrived in Tokyo and is where I sit and knit or embroider or unpick or daydream or chat to the lovely Mr O.
4) My pea plants which I have nurtured from seeds, and which, despite some caterpillar problems, are still growing up strong.  I can't wait to make fresh pea soup from my harvest.  Yum.

5) This song;  Hockey - Song Away.  I love that guy in the orange hoodie.  I love the girl in the cute lemon dress.  I love the dancing and that song makes me smile every time I hear it.  It's perfect.


  1. that chair is awesome I love it!

  2. Thank you - I am glad I scored it in the end. It's big enough to sit cross-legged in too. Hoorah!


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