A quiet week and a loud outfit

Sorry friends - it's been a bit quiet at else seven blogland recently.  I have been sent to bed by the doctor, so my sewing machine lies dormant...and I am feeling a little frustrated.  Thank goodness for knitting.  I am thinking of teaching myself to crochet....but so far, I can't get past the first loop on the hook.  Hm.  Still, I shall persevere.  I want crocheted tea cosies and granny blankies.  Yeah!  Here is my fave outfit this week - my only outfit really, as I have been in PJs almost exclusively.

The dress is a flea market find - about 230 yen, Uniqlo leggings and cardi (those dudes should give me sponsorship) and orange flats from an outlet store in Shanghai.  Oh - and the spotted scarf was my mum's, but then she gave it to me.  Thanks ma!  Note - I have yet to improve my umm..photo-styling.  I know, I know.  But the world is so damn overstyled these days that sometimes, I just want to rebel. Or maybe I am just lazy.

Oh - I got two crafty books in the post the other day.  One was the Crafty Minx.  Hm.  I was kind of expecting it to be totally eco/recycling/upcycling although there was some, to be fair.  Still, some cute projects.


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