My fave outfit this week - Babushka!

I posted a pic of this dress when I finished it and now here it is in action - loving the fact that spring is finally kicking in, and I can start to wear some of my frocks.  Perhaps it is hard to tell with my dodgy photo - I really need to set up that tripod, but the sleeves make my shoulders look kind of narrow, which is fabulous for me!  As usual, Uniqlo leggings - what would I do without them and my fave boots that are actually a really, really daggy brand that just happened to have a moment of triumph.  And they were on sale for about 60 AUD many moons ago.  I have already had them re-heeled once.  I am definitely into repairing shoes especially, even if it costs a little bit.  Am not into secondhand shoes - I think they are really bad for your feet, but I do try to get my shoes on sale if I can.


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