How to Make - Patchwork-not-patchwork (Part 1)

I don't know about you kids, but real patchwork/quilting, while incredibly detailed and beautiful and so on, makes me cross-eyed.  Can't really imagine myself cutting out all those immaculate little squares or other shapes.  Which brings me to my latest little project for my fabric scraps which is "Patchwork-not-Patchwork"  or Clayton's Patchwork.

What you will need:

Lots of glorious fabric scrap goodness from other projects plus your trusty machine and scissors.

How to make (first parts):

First - I picked a colour scheme for my fabric i.e. blue.  You could do whatever you like - one colour, two colours, every colour.  Pick out your scraps according to your scheme;

Next - cut them into shapes resembling squares or rectangles;

Then pick pieces that match up in size and sew together;

Press the seams as you go - very important to keep it all nice and flat;

Add to the each side in turn so you don't get an odd shaped piece;

More next week - once I have worked out how to do it myself!  Haha.


  1. It sounds like you are having FUN! What you describe is what African American quilters have been doing for years! They don't always end up perfectly square but they ARE perfectly wonderful!


  2. Yay for the African American quilters! - I shall have to take a bit of a Google wander and check them out. Thank you. :)


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