Making it from scratch - Cute buttons from fabric scraps

When sewing, there are always lots of little scraps which could be thrown away or ...could be magically transformed into cute buttons. You will need;

1) Fabric scraps - I throw mine in a bucket as I sew to be reused later.
2) Button-covering kit - these are available in Japan at Daiso.
3) Scissors

How to make;

1) Cut out the template for your button - on the Daiso kits, this is handily provided on the cardboard label. If not, cut a circle about twice the diameter of the button.

2)Cut the fabric. If there is a particular picture on the fabric you want on your button, make sure it is in the centre of your circle.

3) Place the fabric on the large rubber cup.

4) Put the top of the button on the fabric and with the smaller plastic cup, push down.

5) Fold all the fabric in and cover with the back of the button and again, push down using the smaller plastic cup.

6) And now...your buttons! These can be used to personalise clothes (perhaps a cute thrift shop top with ugly buttons) or for hairclips, jewellery, on bags and so on and so on.


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