Five minute eco: No PETs!!

Oh - time for some puns! One of my pet peeves are PET bottles. So unnecessary, especially anywhere where you can drink the tap water.

I'm a water or coffee girl myself, so PET bottles don't feature highly in my world. Mr O, on the other hand, loves an iced tea and some toxic sports drink (that I wish I could wean him off, but what can you do?). This was leading to a massive accumulation of PET bottles in our house. Yes, yes - they can be recycled, but recycling should be seen as the last resort for environmentally friendly behaviour. It is much better to cut consumption than deal with the leftovers of it afterwards.

These things are such no-brainers, but anyway. All you need to do is get yourself a glass jug (glass being better than plastic at least vis a vis BPAs) and then make your own drink. It costs less to buy the powdered form of Mr O's sports drink and much, much less to use teabags to make his iced tea (my ultimate aim being loose tea, but I am still looking for it!). Here's a little maths. One bag of tea bags costs 298 yen and makes 27 litres of tea. That's around 11 yen a litre. One two litre PET bottle costs around 128 yen on the cheapest day. That's a minimum of 64 yen a litre.

Treat your glass jug carefully - don't pour boiling hot liquids into it, for example, and it will last a long time. YAY! Again -we can save money and help the environment.


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