Five minute eco: Five easy peasies

Am feeling a bit didactic today - it must have been the lady next to me in the supermarket who was putting every single product she had bought in a separate small plastic bag.  Here is my list of things that if you are not already doing as much as possible (we are all human, so small slip-ups occur), then you are a teensy bit naughty..

1) Taking your own bags to the supermarket
2) Taking your own reusable bottle of water when you go out
3) Putting on more clothes or wearing less clothes to avoid using heating or aircon as much as possible
4) Considering what you want to throw away carefully - can it be reused/remade/given to someone else etc. and then recycling everything that can be recycled
5) Turning off the water in your shower/basin when lathering or brushing or washing your hair

So simple.  So effective.


  1. i use the same brand of spices!

  2. haha - this is an old photo from when I lived in Shanghai. I think I might have brought those from Sydney...


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