Bad me

I did something bad today.  I went a bit nuts in the imported food store and got bagels, golden syrup (for Anzac cookies), rice pasta (for my mum - who is a coeliac), a tin each of chickpeas and kidney beans (they were so cheap!) and ...filo pastry - cos I have been lusting after it for a long time.  Sigh.

It's so tricky...this whole consumption cycle thingie - buy stuff, feel depressed, buy more stuff to cheer self up.  It's also so so easy to justify buying stuff. "Oh - but my mum is a coeliac...." but, actually, she could eat rice and/or spuds for the four days she is here.   "oh - but they are so cheap"...but - maybe I can live life without imported pulses.  Oh man.  I need to get a handle on this because at the moment, I am spending beyond my means and getting a bit freaked out about money.  Also, of course, the carbon footprint of imported items.  Sigh.

Two sighs in one post.  Maybe I should trim my recipe files back to things that I can find easily and cheaply in Japan.


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