Veggie recipes - Miso soup

Starting with a basic one today - miso is full of lots of yummy goodness and makes a good snack/warming drink instead of that second coffee. It also goes well with main meals - especially fish dishes.

You will need;
1) Miso paste
2) Any of the following - wakame (it needs to be soaked, rinsed and drained), spring onions, leek or tofu
3) As many cups as water as there are people (I usually measure my liquid by filling the miso soup bowl with water - one bowl for each person)
4) Strainer

How to make;
1) Measure the amount of water needed (be exact so as not to waste any water or have leftover if you don't want it)
2) Bring to the boil in a saucepan
3) When it is boiling, add one tbsp of miso per person (you can mess around with this a bit according to taste) and use the strainer to diffuse it into the water.
4) Add thinly sliced leek, spring onion, small cubes of tofu and/or wakame to taste just before serving. Usually one or two of the above is enough.


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