My fave outfit this week - Colour!

I thought I'd share a fave outfit from each week - sometimes it will be thrifty and sometimes eco. Either way, it will show that you can develop your own style without spending loads of money or being a slave to "fashion". I can't believe the price of clothes here in Japan, but then again, I can't believe the price of clothes in Sydney either. Nowadays, I mostly get stuff from the flea market, charity stores and sales and am starting to make more of my own clothes, as well as "shopping my wardrobe" - putting together new looks with different combos of clothes. I also want to limit the amount of new stuff I buy because essentially - I think it's pretty unnecessary. However, I have to admit a couple of areas where I will not buy used - shoes, underwear and swimwear. Still - I am pretty set for those at the moment, I must say. Anyway - as this blog continues - hopefully, the items will be sourced more from eco places than not. By the way, I don't pretend to be a fashion guru or the most stylish person in the world. At all. Ever.

Today's outfit is an example of shopping your own wardrobe. Most of these items are new, I have to admit, but...I promise to get better. Anyway - I fiddled around and came up with a totally new combo of items to cheer everyone on a rainy Tokyo day. Hoorah!

By the way - that jacket was on sale at H&M. I no longer shop there in my one person protest after reading a story from the US where shops were slashing unsold merchandise and throwing it away rather than giving it to charity. Disgusting and wasteful.


  1. I was thinking about why companies wouldn't donate unsold clothes. It can't be that they're that stupid, I think maybe they don't want to 'damage their brand' by thrift-shoppers seeing the new pieces given away. Anyway, it's still ridiculous.

    Anyway. Cute outfits and great points! I started doing a simliar outfit posting thing on my old blog for the exact same reasons as you. Think I'll start doing a similar thing on Remade, too.

  2. Thank you! Yes - adding to landfill like that is just gross. It's all about money though, isn't it? Yuk.

    I was inspired by a book I saw a while ago in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra called something like "What I Wore Today" which featured funky women from all over the place in cool thrifted/handmade etc. outfits. Also - as a total backlash against fashion mag articles about stylish women who wear really expensive clothes. Boring.

  3. Love the blue cardie and tights!


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