I have the ideas, but not the technique. Or more to the point - I can't be bothered to research the right technique cos I want to do it NOW NOW NOW! lampshade came out a little wonky, but I did start it after a few beers. And man, that glue was so damn toxic, I could feel my nasal lining disintegrating. Am going to go outside and breathe next to my plants now. It's kind of cute, my lampshade. I hope it lasts. I don't fancy encountering that glue again in a while.

I used - the lampshade frame from the lamp (the shade got trashed on the way from Shanghai), the plastic from a cheap lampshade I got at Ikea, vintaaaagge photos I had in the house, washi tape I bought at New Year cos it was so pretty and 100yen superglue. Oh - and it's lined partially with pages from an old Chinese science mag. I guess re-using the frame, the mag pages and the vintage photos get me some eco points. The other stuff is all a bit deadly.


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