Cute labels for storage boxes

Having organised our futon cupboard a bit, I have decided to label the lovely boxes I got from Ikea to help Mr O find stuff. Here's how to make cute luggage tag style labels for your boxes etc.

You will need;
1) Felt - all the same colour or different colours for front and back or colour coded or whatever you like.
2) Embroidery thread
3) Card - I used some from t-shirt packaging. Old cereal boxes would work well too.
4) Clear plastic - I got mine from the packaging from my headphones.
5) Scissors
6) Needle
7) Ribbon for ties - I used chocolate box ribbon - we seem to have a lot of that here
Optional - luggage label for template; stamps for writing contents

First cut the felt in a luggage label shape - you will need two pieces for each label. You can use a luggage label for a template or just cut one freehand from card, which is what I did.
Next, in the front felt, cut a window. This is where the information will be seen.
Put the back and front together and cut a slit at the top of both where the ribbon will thread through.
Using the embroidery thread, stitch around three sides of the label, leaving the pointed bit at the end open to slide in cards. A simple running stitch will do fine. Blanket stitch would also look nice.
Cut one each of the the card and clear plastic for each label. Make them small enough to slide in easily, but not so small that you can see the edges in the window.
Stamp or write your information on the card.
Slide the card and plastic into the label you have made.
Put the ribbon through both slits at the top and use to tie on to your box.
Take a step back, admire your work and then go and have a nice cuppa.


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