Making it from scratch: Body Oil

I am starting the "Making it from scratch" section with a simple one;

How to make body oil.
You will need;

1) Grapeseed oil - just the supermarket shelf stuff. If you can get organic, all the better. I got mine at Kaldi Coffee Farm for about 380yen.
2) Essential oil - again - organic is obviously better, but if you can't find it or afford it, then regular is OK. Loft in Tokyo has lots of oils as does Muji...but don't expect any bargains. I used lavender oil because of its ability to make me sleep soundly.
3) A pretty bottle. These can be found at fleamarkets and charity shops. Give it a good wash, and it should clean up nicely.


1) Pour the grapeseed oil into the bottle.
2) Add two or three drops of your essential oil (or oils - you can create your own personal blend)
3) Holding the stopper tightly, shake gently.
4) Apply all over the body.

Now you have an inexpensive, but very effective body moisturiser and if you have used organic ingredients, you have an environmentally friendly one. No additives, no parabens, dioxides, nanoparticles or goodness knows what else. Grapeseed oil is a light oil that is good for all skin types. Oil does eventually go rancid and that does not smell good, so make sure to use it straight away. Because it looks so nice in the pretty bottle and smells so yummy, it would also make a good gift, with your own label attached. Enjoy.


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