Home sweet home

Phew. I spent yesterday doing house stuff (and probably will spend today too), getting it all looking a little bit nicer. Naturally, it's a work in progress, but here are some shots of some favourite bits of it so far. From the top down;

1) A little table arrangement (I have since added a pair of white Wedgwood cabbage-shaped salt and pepper shakers I got for my 21st). Tray from a vintaaaaage shop in Leura, wasabi cat from Daiso, candles from Bali.

2) The living room. Art by my friend J and a copy of a Chinese artist's painting, wedding present sofa, cushion cover from Bondi Markets (many moons ago and it was a rip-off - like AUD35 or something. Please.) Both lamps bought in China. The right one, I totally pushed in front of these poor people to get it. SO rude. The left one needs a shade. Am working on that. Book storage side tables topped with trays bought in Tibet. Am thinking of spraypainting them cream because it all looks a bit busy - but the original surface is so poor, it might look totally shite.

3) Vintaaaage hatbox a colleague of my mum's along the way gave me because she heard I love hatboxes (I think it cost her AUD5), print from Laos, my divine FLW sprite statue that took me ages to save up for using bonus points when I worked at a shop in London and my mum's travel clock. I have since changed the picture to a baby photo of Mr O and the dish to a pink powder bowl that was my grandmother's..and possibly my great grandmother's. The lid broke when I was 12 and a cupboard, which I was moving, fell on me. Yep - I was into "doing up my room" as a kid.

4) My vintaaaage glass collection. Actually - I didn't really think about the fact that I had a collection until I saw a similar line-up somewhere on the web, and then...when I was pulling out my stuff - I found that I did have quite a bit. A bit of a nightmare in an earthquake (like the one we had on Sunday), but what can you do? Stick it all in bubble wrap and never look at it?

So - yeah - now I am going to do my proofreading and then get on with some more. As you can see, you can make your house look nice (well, OK - I like it) with a bunch of inherited items, secondhand bits, gifts and flea market finds. Thrifty and eco-friendly.


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