Five minute eco: Book side tables

Although sadly, through moves across the globe from Sydney to London to Shanghai to Sydney to St Etienne to Sydney to Shanghai to Sydney to Tokyo, many of my books have been donated to friends and charity stores, I still have a few favourites left. Now, we live in a small apartment with low ceilings and no towering bookshelves because of earthquakes, so storage is a bit of an issue. However, my nifty book side tables combine two issues;

1) The need for side tables for lamps and endless cups of coffee (ginger tea for Mr O)
2) Storage for coffee table books

I've topped mine with red trays I got in Tibet, but I think they are too heavy and intense for the small space, so I am eyeing off these trays from Ikea. I shall also be keeping an eye out at the fleamarket for something similar. Cost - basically nothing if you have trays that you can use. The eco factor comes from using something you already have to build something you need.

And if you want to read one of the books? Well, your table just gets a little shorter for a while.


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