The 100 yen challenge

After finding this cute top at the flea market for 100 yen (oh, I love an anchor motif) and getting lots of compliments on a cute dress I got for ten bucks in Sydney, I am wondering if I can set myself the Summer Wardrobe Challenge. Basically - can I update and fabulate (that's the verb of make fabulous) my wardrobe with 100 yen flea market pieces or fabrics that I already own. It could be worth a try.... it would be thrifty AND eco friendly.....I shall muse on this further.

Had one of those naff accidents today where you go to sit down and the chair isn't there anymore. Smacked my arm and my butt. Ouch. I couldn't sew after that, which is annoying cos I am working on a couple of tops that I am quite fond of...from fabric bought at the flea and remnant pieces. I am really loving having my dressmakers' dummy - feels so professional.

I am also doing some experiments in weaving mats from fabric scraps. Once I get the hang of it, it should be a cute way to get rid of scraps - that ball I mentioned I was building a while ago...


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