Save a shirt today!

Whilst trying to clear some space for the imminent arrival of my possessions from Sydney (poor Mr O), I decided to get on with a couple of projects in my own personal box of stuff to fix, mend, remake etc. Today, I got on with a skirt upcycle (more later when I have done the hem tonight) and a t-shirt dedication to the Venn Diagram. Haha.

I had a quite new white tshirt that got mysteriously "pinked" in the wash (how weird, when I lived in France, the washing machine in the student residence used to "blue" things). It's a nice cut et al and was not so cheap, so I decided to save it from dusterhood with a little applique. Cut out a couple of circles, pinned them on carefully and et voilĂ  - there it is. It's a bit Japanese flag and a lot Venn diagram. My friend and I used to send each other Venn diagrams of our upcoming weekend activities and things about boys. It was highly amusing. Whatever happened to the Venn diagram anyway?

What little tricks do you have up your sleeve for fixing little problems and stopping things from going to landfill?


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