On Feb 14th, I love the FLEA!

Ah. A weekend of fleamarkets and getting loved up with Mr O. Of course, I shan't be going into detail about one of those topics, BUT...Mr O did schlep home 3kg of eco washing powder for me, so I am a pretty happy girl. Woooohoo.
Meanwhile, at the flea....I now have my fave kind of sellers - the ones who rock up with boxes and boxes full of stuff for people to rummage through and lo and behold...what do I find (amongst other joyous items)?
1) Rolls of fabulous yukata fabric.
2) Vintage sample books of tatami screen paper
3) A vintage sewing box still with all its bits and bobs.
Happy days. Some of the regulars are getting wise to the vintage vibe and their prices have gone up ex-po-nen-tially. I don't even bother with those dudes anymore, unless they have something truly extraordinary. I am totally going to get my shop on in the very, very near future. Even if I only turn a teeny profit, I can at least enjoy what I do and not lose any cashola. Cool.
And now, back to Mr O...


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