More glorious fleaaaaaa....

Oh the flea. It's a glorious place. I dreamt about it last night...and then there I was again today, despite that biting cold wind coming across from Siberia, it felt like. And what glorious finds were to be found. Just a few above;
1) A motherlode of lace.  It was pricey, but worth it, I think. Lovely cotton lace. At least, some of it is...will have to do some tests. (that sounds very scientific, but in reality, I have no idea what I am talking about...or almost no idea.)
2) A sweet little glass dish - it's now holding buttons in my glass containers with button arrangement. It looked so sad and unloved in a 100 yen box, but it washed up so puuuurdy.
3) A very "Mirror, mirror on the wall" kind of mirror for my dressing table. I am thinking of painting it bright yellow. Or turquoise. Probably bright yellow. White is too dull and silver and gold are so...90's. It's a bit...bespeckled, but hey, so am I.


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