A new flea...and being torn..

Woohooo! A new fleamarket. Actually, on Sat morning, I realised we were not on our usual trajectory, so I asked my oka-san where we were going. She told me to the horse races, and I was a little surprised - yet open to an early morning flutter. Hey, why not? However, it eventuated that we were going to Oi-minami race track carpark for a different flea. Hoorah! A bit of an odd one, that's for sure - but I got loads of gorgeous new fabric. The designs on Japanese fabrics are just..incredible. I'd love to get all dorky and start keeping a record - y'know, become the Samuel Pepys of Japanese textiles... I also found cute vintage but new school bags including this one which reminds me of images on swapcards I had in the seventies. All riiiiiight.

Meanwhile, the recycle shop near my house has an oh so cool vintage industro looking office chair for just 980yen and everytime I walk past it, I really want to buy it. The thing is - I have a chair for my desk and, ugly as it is (bad non-descript office furniture), there really is nothing wrong with it...and there would be nowhere for it to go if I got the cool one except the bin, and that is WRONG. Sigh. I am torn between chic and eco...


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