I love the flea

Ok, so I didn't style the pics - it was too damn cold to get dressed up and pose and fiddle with the tripod, I have to tell you. From top to bottom - cool vintage scarf with a rather natty chalet motif, yellow summer dress and quilted skirt. Now, I am planning to go to the flea with a purpose. Mostly, I get there and choke...well, not quite choke, but don't really focus on what I want to find.

As I mentioned, I am working on cute stuff for my etsy shop which is currently closed. Just before I fell asleep last night, I was thinking how I really want to get to the point where all my items are made from other people's unwanted items...right down to the thread and the packaging. At present, they are a mix of old and new items, and I will be listing the exact info for each item when I reopen my store. Also - it will be much more of a creative challenge to work with what turns up rather than what I buy at a regular store. Hm - I guess things like interfacing might be a bit tricky. Anyway - I can but try my best.

I like eco products, and of course, I buy ones that I really need (I am currently obsessed with chemicals in plastics leaching into food, so am going to work on transferring all my plastic containers to metal and glass and ceramic eventually - or at the very least BPA free plastic!), but surely part of the eco drive is to reduce the production of new items and use what is already available. Hmm...

What do you reuse/rethink/remake?


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