New Year's Resolutions

Wow. I have just been looking at Danielle Thompson's blog...and although the doll thing is not me, there are some amazing things on her site. Sigh. I am just going to have to try harder, aren't I? Which is of course, one of my New Year's make amazing stuff and style my blog, website and etsy store better. So, look for some improvements in the fullness of time...

And I mean it - not like those previously promised pics that never eventuated.

I have also closed both my etsy boutiques until the summer (Northern Hemisphere) as I really want to give myself the time and space to work on some good stuff - not to just rush into things willy nilly. There really is a lot to do - so I am just going to have to start getting up earlier! Haha.

I have also been formulating a month by month attack plan on how to make our home and lives more eco and green. Mr O has expressed some fear about this, but he'll survive.

Christmas went well, and with very little modesty, I have to say I excelled myself on the baking front. Hence the pics of ginger cake, mince pies and shortbread. YUM. I am inspired to work harder on making the house and the table look more Christmassy too.

A lot to do indeed...and now off to get on with the New Year cleaning - I am spending a day on each room in our home - really getting things super clean and super organised and getting my list of what we need for each room sorted in time for the sales. Hehe.


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