Those funky mottainai dudes were at the flea market on Saturday with their glorious piles of unwanted clothing. Besides scoring a cute polka dot bloooouuuuse (It is so not a shirt), some pure linen Rinaldi pants for kicking around the house and a nice mustard soft wool scarf, I also found the following;

1) This padded jacket has the funkiest fabric and whilst sadly way too small for me, is destined to become fab pot holders with some sashiko embroidery (my new kink) at the top on some nice calico...

2) Actually - I didn't get this from the mottainai dudes but from another stallholder but the point is it just had one kind of tea stain on it. After a bit of napisan - I know, not so eco, but I wash with eco laundry powder - it "came up lovely" and has a great retro feel.

3) This skirt's pattern had run badly and was dug up out of the pile and then rejected by another gaijin who was obviously not aware of the power of napisan. Whilst not quite my style for skirts, it is going to look awesome as a little girl's dress. Or perhaps a bag. Not quite sure which yet. It has a bit of a Marimekko vibe, I feel.


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