Snail mail: Mail joy!

Yesterday was a supreme day for post - two parcels and two letters (a third one was from the bank and totally does not count!) My Keepcup for Christmas arrived which is exciting as well as a parcel of goodies from my mum to go under the tree. Also in that parcel were these vintage hankies sent via mum from my awesome grand-aunt Poss. That atomic one alone is enough to make you cry with joy, right? I had planned to use them for more lavender bags - we have lots of clothes...but some of them are so beautiful, and such lovely fabric, I might have to think about another project. The atomic one might be a throw pillow....It really is too good.

I know I mentioned this before, but I LOVE receiving mail. When was the last time you put together a little care package for someone you love?  Cute ideas might be; a great chocolate bar, special tea, a cute piece of fabric or trim, a great novel or a sweet little brooch.  Get on it!


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