An hour with Baby Lock

I had a spare hour this arvo before it was time to do some wifey stuff, so I decided to go head to head with my overlocker. Mr O and I schlepped out to Laketown yesterday, and I had a mini lesson with the Overlocker Man, so I decided to give it a whirl. I started with this I love NY tee that I got at the local discount shop. I love I love NY - I am a sucker for a nice bit of typography and this is pretty damn iconic. However, the shape didn't really suit - arms too tight (oh my fab biceps), too short in the body for my liking and an unflattering neckline.

I know what you are thinking - why on earth did I buy it? I bought it to turn it into the second pic even if it took me some time to actually DO it. I added ruffley cap sleeves, a big band at the bottom and cut out the neckline. All within an hour and all with my friend, Baby Lock. Hoorah. Let's hope we can remain buddies.

Being able to sew puts you at such an advantage.  You can make gifts, sew clothes and alter stuff - especially flea market/opshop finds.  Yay.


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