Samsara project: From cardboard box to Christmas tree

It's creepy and kooky, mysterious and ooky, it's all together hand made Christmas tree. Hahah - it came out a little odd, but I kind of love it for its oddities. It's made from;

1) Packaging from our sofa
2) Pages from a calligraphy book found in the waste paper
3) Indian embossed paper from Daiso (recyclable!)
4) Lacquer
5) Plus the classy addition of a few pegs to help it stand. Haha.

Oh well, it didn't cost much - about AUD6.50, it's pretty eco and it wasn't made in some toxic sweatshop in China. Hoorah.

Meanwhile, I am doubly enjoying my coffee this morning, now that I have discovered that the grounds can be used on my garden - which I am going to get to in a minute. Lugged home pots, drainage material and some kind of rich nutrient stuff yesterday. Tragically, my fab giant flea market bag totally ripped in half...beyond repair. Even more tragically, and a sad comment on the state of humanity today, although my bag ripped in half in the middle of the road and my stuff fell out and I had my hands full with other stuff, two people passed by and didn't help me - but managed to turn round to take another look at me scrabbling around. Sigh.


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