The bliss of the fleamarket

I just would like to expound further upon the joy of the Tokyo fleamarkets - in point form because point form is so beautiful;

1) You can get there by train, so your carbon footprint is reduced
2) It's outside, so you get to get your lazy behind out of doors
3) You can practise Japanese
4) It's cheap when you don't have a lot of money
5) It's recycling (as long as you don't buy from the disappointing number of stalls with boring new products imported from China etc.) so it's eco friendly consumerism (is that an oxymoron?)
6) You can get COOL stuff like the above (vintage but never worn kids' clothes and awesome fabric)

ALSO - a very exciting thought is that it's coming up to the time for the Japanese to do their big spring cleaning and apparently they throw away all KINDS of stuff, so me and Mr O are going to get our gloves on and do a midnight garbage raid. Don't judge people - I may have already mentioned that we get all our mags from the garbo and also we got a Swiss Army Knife, a camera tripod, a CD player/radio, a Walkman and a whole ton of kimono and well as groovy things to wrap gifts in. The garbage rooms at our apartment are impeccably clean, by the way.


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