Yoyogi Park flea market

Today was a public holiday and so there was a special flea market at Yoyogi Park. Actually, this was the first time for me to go there for the flea. Myah - not nearly as good as Meiji Koen - mostly just clothes and as Japanese clothes are generally too small for me, it was a bit of a fizzer. Still, if you were teeny tiny and wanted a new wardrobe, this would be the go. Definitely, it's just fun to wander around - grab some takoyaki at the entrance and check out all the goodies.

I did manage to find the above.
1) Fab skirt - that fabric is just awesome. I need to cut it down to make the waist bigger, but it's going to look so sweet in summer with a natty tee and scarf and some cute flats or heels.
2) Cool ride'em cowboy fabric
3) Temari balls - it's a traditional Japanese art. These are going to go on my Christmas table as part of the centrepiece, I think. They would also look good as baubles on a tree.

Total amount spent: 1050JPY or AUD12.87. Not too bad, hey? Now, I am going to go and check out the three English language Italian cookbooks Mr O salvaged from the paper recycling last night. What a guy!


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