Wrapping gifts

Ooooh - I am feeling rather pleased with myself this morning. I wrapped some Christmas gifts ready to send to Sydney and they do look rather nice. ALSO - they are largely eco friendly;

Newspaper (nicked from the waste paper room)
Pages from calligraphy book (nicked from the waste paper room)
Shopping bags from various purchases
Paper twine (bought - but recyclable)
Vintage photos (rescued from a market)
Gorgeous green embossed Indian paper I found at Daiso (bought - but recyclable..and I only got one roll).

I am morally opposed to the purchase of wrapping paper.  There are so many great things out there lying around waiting to wrap gifts.  One year, I wrapped everyone's gifts in glossy fashion mag pages.  Another year it was vintage Chinese communist magazines.  Nothing is sacred.  Get creative!

They are looking pretty flash. And that is my new cowskin rug that I got yesterday at Loft. Mr O was not into the giant Ikea one, so we went for a compromise and just got a little bit of cow. Hm - I don't eat them, but I like them on my floor. Is that bad? Hehe...

I love Christmas.


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