Sewing with hankies and scarves and other pretties.

Just so y'all know that I haven't been slacking off - just making stuff. From the top down here is some of it - teeny throw pillows made from vintage hankies; lavender sachets made from vintage hankies; signs for file boxes that can be easily changed made with my NEW Eiffel Tower stamp, a covered notebook and photo album for travels and a large cushion cover made from a vintage Paris scarf. Happy days.

Lavender bags from hankies are the easiest thing to make.  It's a matter of ironing the hanky in half neatly, then in half again, pinning a ribbon inside to hang it if necessary and then stitching around the open edges, leaving a little gap.  Then....fill with lavender and stitch up the gap.  Et voilĂ .


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