Double happiness!

In brief - as I am supposed to be getting ready for Japanese class....

There were TWO fleamarkets on Sunday, which meant double awesomeness, which of course meant double happiness. Hoorah. Above is just a sampling of the things I found...and at incredible bargain prices. Those fab bowls above were about AUD 65cents for the FIVE. Still in their box! (Japanese things often come in sets of five cos 4 is unlucky). They are super delicate and have a nice Scadinavian meets Japan feel to them.

1) Letter E. They have painted it white for some unknown kind of thinking I can either turn it around and use the reverse side which is black or just live with the white and hope it peels off. It's plastic, so sandpapering might not be the best idea.

2) Cute skirt and top. The skirt possibly needs some ric-rac embellishment...Any comments appreciated.

3) The aforementioned fab bowls. I totally love the wood/bamboo type "accent.".So perfect.

I also wanted to mention that two of my fab friends have sent me surprise parcels recently. LOVING the parcels. One contained a special kind of Lindt chocolate - hard to find and the other was a smorgasbord of eco delights - a book called Eco Craft, a mag called Craftzine and this really cool bamboo cutlery set. I couldn't sleep that night for ages thinking of all the eco creative opportunities sitting downstairs in the apartment garbage rooms, which in our apartment block are immaculate and the source of many finds - clock, Swiss Army knife, kimono, obi, CD player..... Am already planning an afternoon raid on big tins to plant in...


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