Samsara project: Jewellery to Christmas garlands

I am currently decluttering and destashing my studio which is taking forever, but will be absolutely worth it once I have finished.  It's taking a long time as I am being really thorough and actually thinking about what I have realistically and how or if I can use it.  Some of the stuff will go to my etsy shop, some will be recycled into new stuff and some will go with me to the fleamarket when I actually get around to getting a stall.

I had the idea of making Christmas decorations from old beads.  Well, yesterday, I actually did it..which is amazing as I have had some of those beads for years.  I made three strands of around 2 metres long each.  They are all totally random.  I might make a fourth one as I have a whole lot of beads left, or I might just bag up the rest and sell it off as lucky dip bead bags on etsy.

Have you got any old jewellery lying at home?  These are really simple to make.  All it takes is some beading line/fishing line - the clear stuff - and then pull apart the old jewellery and thread the beads on at random. Tie securely or use crimps at the ends.  Then drape them around your tree.


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