Veggie bags

Finally, I got these babies made and sent off to my mate, Leah.  I was inspired by her efforts in umm...garbage enzyme making and composting.  I made these so that she can take them to the supermarket or market and put her veggies in them to stop using nasty plastic bags.  And they are so cute!  I just whipped them up from some thin calico and some cute food themed fabric found at my fave shop, Tomato.  You could use all sorts of things including drawstring bags that pyjamas come in cut down old pillow cases...or of course, sit down at the machine and whip some up.  They don't even have to be drawstring - you can just sew two pieces of fabric together and use an elastic band to secure the tops if necessary.  Then you can use them, for example, at the bulk store for pasta and rice etc. or at the supermarket or market for veg.  I don't recommend them for finer, powdery stuff like coffee or flour as it all gets clogged in the seams.  Use jars instead!  :)

Actually, I am going to make myself some AND I am going to be brave and go to the mom and pop veggie stores in Kanamachi town rather than the supermarket because a) they package less and b) I can get a Japanese lesson for free!  But I might go with Mr O first just to check it out.

By the way - this is what I mean in regards to the calico bags that can also be used for wrapping limit the amount of paper wasted.


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