Wedding invite design and other stuff

Bridezilla has hit Sydney, and I just sent out my invitations, so I thought I would attach a pic to show my oh-so-eco invites...They are so pretty.  As mentioned - I made them from paper, card and envelopes from Amazing Paper (most of which was recycled) and then tied them up with lace found in a charity store and ribbon left over from another friend's wedding.  Result - pretty, vintage-y and eco-enough.

Took my beautiful vintage dress to be altered to the Emergency Button at Double Bay.  I hope they do a good job  - the quote was a little astounding.

Have been getting some good laughs out of how seriously people involved in weddings take them.  I popped into a florist to enquire about some flowers and was asked to book an appointment with a wedding co-ordinator to talk about my theme, the colour and fabric of my dress, my venue and my bridesmaid's dresses.... Puuuuurrrrlease.  I just want a couple of bunches of flowers.  Also amusing was the jewellery shop assistant who thought it was actually perfectly reasonable to spend $20k on a ring.  Hehehe.

Oh boy.


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