And a pretty kimono....

Weddings can cost an absolute packet, and I just think that is not necessary.  Getting creative and keeping things simple are really important, in my opinion.

After the disappointment of the Meiji Koen fleamarket last weekend (what was going on there - usually it's awesome...), and the ridiculous prices and so-so patterns/quality of the dude on the corner in Harajuku, I headed back to Nippori today and picked up a vintage kimono and obi for my little flower that is her outfit sorted for under AUD$40.  If it's really cold she can wear leggings and a long sleeved top underneath.  I really love the temeri was either that or cranes I was looking for, so RESULT.  A good price, a special outfit and eco cachet.  Yes!

Plus - I ordered some lovely handmade earrings from howlindoggie on etsy for my friend who is going to be my witness.  Note the cherry blossom motif.  Do I sense a theme, here?


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